August 1, 2012

Health Services website

Please visit the Health Services website for more information.

September 30, 2011

Welcome to RISD Health Services!

Health Services requires Appointments (no walk-ins) for all visits, except in an emergency, at which point you should contact Public Safety at 401.454.6666. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) can assess your emergency and determine whether you can be seen in our office or whether you need to be sent to an area medical facility for treatment.

Health Services provides students clinical care and has information available on health promotion, protection, education and disease prevention. The office also offers referrals to area medical facilities.

If you have special health needs such as monthly blood tests, or any injuries that limit your mobility, discuss these with the Health Services staff. We can refer students who routinely receive Allergy Shots to area Allergists. Services offered through this office are confidential and include:

  • ambulatory care (sick visits, injuries)
  • laboratory services by Roger Williams Medical Center
  • equipment for treatment (on a borrowed basis)
  • some immunizations
  • nutritional information
  • STI and HIV counseling and testing
  • referrals to specialists in the area

ALL Full-Time students (9 credit hrs. or more) are required to have health insurance.  Gallagher Koster is the Insurance Plan offered through RISD.  All Students are automatically enrolled in the Plan at the beginning of each School Year (9/1 -8/31).  If you do not want the Plan, you must waive it on line at  The premium is charged to you on your tuition bill.  Any questions related to coverage should be answered directly through Gallagher Koster.  You can chat live on line with a representative.

If you elect to keep Gallagher Koster, you will receive your Insurance Card in your RISD mailbox around the 2nd week in September.  If you lose or misplace your card, don’t worry, you can always print a new one out at their website listed above.

Written referrals are required for services outside of Health Services during the School Year.  Please call us if you need one and we will be happy to make an appointment for you to get one.  Please note:  Gallagher Koster requires a written referral from Health Services.

Per Rhode Island State Law, students are required to complete a Health Form and all required immunizations prior to the first day of classes. Download the Health Form for details of all required immunizations.  For more information on Rhode Island State Law vaccination requirements, visit


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